Saturday, May 26, 2007

Barrios as the messenger of the Guaraní race

Being himself of Guaraní origin (the aborigine population of Paraguay), Barrios started, from 1930 to his death, to be recognized as Agustín Barrios Mangoré (Chief Nitsuga). In that same year came the birth of Barrios' new persona, Cacique Nitsuga Mangoré, the “messenger of the Guaraní race”.

Disillusioned with his success, Barrios developed this persona in order to attract a greater audience and at the same time pay tribute to his forefathers. During this episode of performances by Chief Nitsuga, Barrios would dress in full Guaraní tribal outfits.

Barrios came up with "Nitsuga" by spelling backwards his own name, Agustín, and "Mangoré" was taken from the historical figure of Chief Mangoré, leader of the Timbúes people, circa 1528.

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